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  • September - November

    Intramural Football

    The 2022 Intramural Ultimate Football Champs:
    Team AFIT
  • June - September

    Intramural Softball

    Congratulations to our 2022 Intramural Softball Champions:
    NASIC Beernuts (Tuesday Rec), NASIC Kings (Thursday Rec), & NASIC Slugnuts (Thursday Comp)

  • Intramural Sports - 2022

    Sand Volleyball Champions

    The 2022 Intramural Sand Volleyball Champs:
    Team AFLCMC
  • Intramural Sports - 2022

    Intramural Women's Volleyball

    The 2022 Intramural Women's Volleyball Champs:
    Team Perraut

Intramural and Varsity Sports

General Information


The base sports program aims to provide a variety of safe sport activities that allow and encourage year-round participation for the Wright-Patterson AFB community. Intramural and varsity sports assist with promotion of physical fitness, health, and morale as well as the development of several traits and skills such as leadership, fellowship, competitive and cooperative spirit, socialability, and teamwork. All intramural and varsity sports are free of charge.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are developed to meet the needs of all base personnel including all skill levels. Intramurals are prioritized for military members, their adult dependents, and DoD employees.


Season: December - March 2023


  • NASIC Beernuts

    Tuesday Recreation League
  • NASIC Kings

    Thursday Recreation League
  • NASIC Slugnuts

    Thursday Competitive League

Ultimate Football

  • Team AFIT

Sand Volleyball

  • Team AFLCMC

Women's Volleyball

  • Team Perraut

Varsity Sports

Varsity sports are developed to provide opportunities for Air Force personnel with higher level sporting skills. Varsity sports offer a more competitive environment and members are typically selected to a varsity team based upon performance in tryouts. Varsity teams typically compete against local colleges and universities as well as other military teams from various locations.

Men's Varsity Basketball

Season: November - May 2023
Tryouts Completed



(937) 656-5961


Jarvis Fitness Center:
1245 Fir Street, Area A

Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

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